Microsoft Plug-In event promos and discounts

were having an event this Saturday to talk about how you can take advantage of digital marketing and the online  business. Microsoft will also showcase its products and technologies that can help in building digital marketing campaigns in both web and mobile. click the pic below to find out more about it, and sign up if interested to attend. plug in (sponsors)

imageimagewere also showing “Mango”


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Goodbye to blogging in ink–a requiem to my tablet PC

touchsmart-tx2zI have always believed that computing should be more human. This is why I have chosen to be in the smart devices industry rather than enterprise computing. I never believed that keyboards, whether physical or virtual, is a natural way for humans to communicate and is just an artifact of the age of typewriters. I have always believed in Bill Gates’ tablet PC concept, which is why I use a tablet PC. But that has ended.

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Speaking at Manila’s first Mobile Marketing Conference


We recently had the opportunity to speak on the topic “The Rise of Smartphones and other Wireless Devices” in the first Mobile Marketing Conference held in the Philippines, organized by the Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) – the local representative organization of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

Together with distinguished speakers, such as Barney Loehnis – Head of OglivyOne Asiapac, Michael Smith Jr. – Director of Global Tech Initiatives for Yahoo, Christian Cadeo – Head of Mobile for Google SEA, Jerome Almirante – Head of VAS & Data of Smart Communications and Ernest Cu – President & CEO of Globe Telecom, among others, we discussed the future of mobile, not just in technology and marketing, but also its implications in human society and the way we live. We also took the opportunity to show how Windows Phone 7 took the initiative to innovate in the area of smart devices to add value to life experiences and brings us closer together.

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