Outlook 2007 sucks!!! … if you have MS Outlook Live

Once i have heard that Office 2007 beta 2 was stable enough to be usable, I took the plunge and installed it on my laptop. And wow, everything was nice especially the new ribbon interface.
When I was on Outlook 2003, all of my outlook data was hosted on Hotmail’s server using an online service called MS Office Outlook Live (MOOL). It was so convenient because all my PIM data, including email is synchronized between my Hotmail, Outlook on my laptop, Outlook on my desktop, and Pocket MSN on my Pocket PC. It felt like the entire world is my PIM! And i was very very much excited to experience MOOL on the cool new Outlook 2007 from Microsoft… 
Now I am in hell. Hell is a special place where you cant synchronize your data to Outlook, leaving your inbox, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes empty and barren.
Right now i am forced to live the life of a jologs. Jologs who read their email on the web browser. Well, at least im on Windows Live Mail beta. But jologs still.

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