The PCS CEO/CIO Breakfast Forum, Globe, Windows Mobile & the 1 Degree of Separation

Yesterday I attended the quarterly CEO/CIO breakfast forum of PCS (Philippine Computer Society). I was suprised that the speaker, Harvey Libarnes, from Globe Solutions, is one of my friends from an old DSL users group. He now heads product management and marketing for Globe Solutions.
I was also surprised to also bump into Jay Perez, who used to work for Smart’s marketing who was also one of the people we, at Pinoy Windows Mobile, worked with to launch the Smart Amazing Phone. Harvey, it turns out, happens to be Jay’s boss. Its really amusing to learn that there’s just one degree of separation between people i met in different circumstances. Feels just like Friendster.
Ferds dela Cruz is also one of them. Ferds and I met when i was still based in Jakarta where we were part of a small "cell group" in one of the Christian communities there. Long after i left Jakarta, I was surprised to meet Ferds again in one of the Pinoy Windows Mobile Mobility Events (EBs or Eyeballs) sponsored by Globe. Thats when i learned that he now works for Globe as head for wireless business.
I talked with Harvey and Jay for quite some time about Windows Mobile and what Globe can do together with Pinoy Windows Mobile. Things look promising.

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