Got My Uniden Windows Live Messenger Phone, but its not Vista compatible

Im depressed… I got a $99 phone that doesnt work. well… it does work… as a phone. but not as a Windows Live Messenger phone. Im starting to think if this was not a good buy…
id probably have to downgrade to Windows XP from Vista beta 2 on both my laptop and PC if i want to make my Live Messenger phone useful…

13 thoughts on “Got My Uniden Windows Live Messenger Phone, but its not Vista compatible

  1. (Now my development team is annoyed with me–that’s what I get for being in a hurry!)
    Just to clarify (and pacify my engineers), the "problem" in question was that we did not have enough information on the USB driver improvements in Vista to test against them, so we released the WIN1200 as a Windows XP unit. (There’s not a standard for USB phones yet, so we have to test against operating system.) The second generation of the model (now available) was planned to be Vista-ready. Instead of trying to have a separate model for the Vista version, we’re just updating the first-generation software for any customers who upgrade to Vista.
    Have you contacted our customer service group yet? Drop me an email and let me know your status, if you can.
    Dorothy Lindman
    dlindman (at)

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog GuSoNETMX! Here is the content of the email to me from Uniden customer support:
    The ph9one is only meant to work for XP. PLease sned the phone to our repair department for them to reflash new software into the phone.
    If you would like to send a unit in for service, please follow the steps below:
    1. Attach a letter to the actual unit with a brief description of the problems you are having with the unit.
    2. Make sure you print your complete name, address, phone number and email address on the letter.
    3. If the unit is covered under warranty, you must enclose a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase.
    ***Warranty covers manufacturers defects only. Units that are under warranty will be repaired or replaced and shipped to you at no charge.
    4. If the unit is no longer covered under warranty, you must enclose payment with your unit. To determine the cost, you may call our repair department at 1-800-235-3874 or look it up under repair on the website. You may pay by check, money order, or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Please include the expiration date and cardholder name with the credit card number.
    5. In order to expedite the return of your Uniden product, it is our policy to service or exchange and return "out of warranty" items without furnishing an estimate unless the service charge exceeds the standard repair cost.
    6. If your unit is not repairable or the charge is going to exceed the standard repair cost, you will be notified in writing with an estimate. This estimate will also be available when checking the status online.
    7. Ship your unit prepaid via UPS or any carrier with a tracking system to:
    Uniden Service, Inc.4700 Amon Carter Blvd.
    Fort Worth, TX 76155
    Your repair status will be available on the website when you receive your Service Repair Order (SRO) number by email. (Only if an email address is provided with information.)Thank you for choosing Uniden.

  3. I havnt sent it because, since I live in the Philippines, I thought it would be best to wait until the final version of Vista is out before having it upgraded. It cost me a lot to get this unit shipped in.

  4. Well i got the same felling, it cost me a lot of money the import and delivery of this phone, and im waiting for a solution by software, no send needed, i just installed the new Vista RC1 build 5600 and the phone cant install again, just like previuos releases

  5. Does it not make a lot more sense to have a download on the web that we can install so it will update our phone and the driver?
    If it is all about the driver then that should be a very simple software update on the PC it self (or am I just wrong)
    Don’t like sending in my phone and not beeing able to call for like 2 weeks (it always takes this long) just because it needs an software update.
    My mobile phone will let me update it self via software, why can’t this phone do that?

  6. Well, just a little update on the Subject on the win1200-vista affair, i just installed the Windows Vista Final (rtm, ver. 6000), and i hoped this version finaly got the drivers, but no, still have no driver, and the new messenger 8.1 beta doesnt work either

  7. Is there no way to for us users to flash this phone
    ourselves? Do we really need to send it in? Are the drivers for the phone found
    in Messenger or on the phone itself? Someone here mentioned the version 2
    of the product … is there any identifiers on the case of the phone to
    indicate that it is vista compatible? I just bought this phone and still have a
    chance to return it so it I can any into would be appreciated.

    For PC-Phone calling is it possible to use a provider other then Verizon? The
    reason I ask is I live in Canada and of all places it not on ‘the list’ of
    supported countries :(

  8. I bought the Uniden 1200. I am running Win XP. It doesn’t come with the driver and supposedly you plug it to the computer and it should be recogized. Well I plug it to my computer : Window Messenger Devise manager-No Device. When I click on PC call it says phone application not available. When I go to Devise Manager I see the phone listed under usb as phone for windows Live messenger when I go to properties and under Location : Location 0 (Win 1200). Any Suggestions Please.

  9. Good Afternoon!I bought My Uniden Windows Live Messenger Phone two day ago and i’m using in Windows Vista Premiun with Windows Live Messenger 9 and i’m not a problem. I only start my Windows Live Messenger and press talk to sign in. So automaticaly my Uniden sign in and no problem.

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