A day in the life of the Microsoft Philippines General Manager

On the August 30th monthly membership meeting, the Philippine Computer Society would have TJ Javier as the guest speaker to share his experiences in running Microsoft Philippines.

" In line with last month’s survey on the training requirements of PCS members, this month’s MMM will focus on modeling a CEO and a briefing on the aspects of nation building.

PCS is privileged to have Antonio “TJ” Javier, General Manager of Microsoft Philippines as its main speaker for the August MMM.  TJ will reveal his secrets in successfully managing the Philippine operations of the most popular IT company in the world.  His insights will surely help all members in becoming better managers of our companies."

I was introduced to TJ once before and he commended me for my efforts in evangelizing Windows Mobile in the Philippines through the Pinoy Windows Mobile community. I hope he still remembers me when we meet again. 🙂 After TJ’s talk, a speaker from Gawad Kalinga would talk about how we can contribute in nation building.

Interestingly this members meeting wouldnt have a lunch break since the schedule says its from 7:30 to 10:30 AM. Probably theyre starting to do some cost cutting.


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