HTC preps ‘Omni’ successor to Universal – MoDaCo

Posted at MoDaCo is news of a new Windows Mobile device being developed that would succeed the HTC Universal(AKA Dopod 900, I-Mate Jasjar and O2 XDA Exec) planned to be launched between the end of the year to early next year. I’ve always wanted a Dopod 900, but have had second thoughts since it doesnt support HSDPA, which I want to take advantage of when i use my Windows Mobile phone as a modem for my laptop. The HTC Omni promises to be faster & thinner. I think id rather want to have this one than a Dopod 838 Pro!

After the slew of recent device announcements… HTC is now busily prepping the follow up to it’s ‘mini-laptop’ form factor HTC Universal, better know as the SPV M5000, i-mate JASJAR, T-Mobile MDA Pro, O2 XDA Exec etc smile.gif
The follow up to the Universal, codenamed the ‘HTC Omni’, is set to offer a similar design, VGA support once again, and boosted connectivity with HSDPA support.
The Intel processor is expected to make way for a Samsung unit (similar to that found in the HTC Hermes).
From a form factor perspective, the HTC Omni will be slightly thinner than the Universal. Additional hardware buttons make an appearance, however an external LCD – a popular user request on the Universal – is not included in current designs.
The device will ship late ’06 / early ’07 with at least Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3 as standard, which enables in the base OS a feature that is expected to be a unique selling point to the Omni… the facility to output to a projector!
As the device is in early stages, much of the specification is still fluid… but it’s sure to be a winner amongst existing Universal owners, who are understandably reluctant to give up their VGA screens!
Paul O’Brien – Microsoft MVP, Mobile Devices – Founder

Source: HTC preps ‘Omni’ successor to Universal – MoDaCo


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