Features of a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign using MS Tags

Hi Everyone. I’m posting a topic related to mobile marketing today, using Microsoft Tag as an example. This blog post is a requirement to an assignment in the Mobile Marketing class I’m attending in Ateneo. So i hope you guys can learn something new with this post, and i hope my teachers can give me a good grade on this one 😀

To find out more about MS Tag, please click here. To learn more about the Ateneo Mobile Marketing course, pindot me.

By the way, sorry for not posting lately. I broke my Tablet PC pen 😦


People are not interested in learning how to use your mobile marketing system. They are there to interact with the brand and nothing else. Get to the point quickly and simplify the desired response.



At the 2009 XGames General Mills used a Tag on a Totino’s Pizza flyer so that event attendees could retrieve a daily schedule of where their sponsored skier, Dany Kass.



the music band: Artist Vs Poet is using Microsoft Tag to promote their new album called “Favorite Fix” and giving you access to exclusive content such as photos, music and contests.



This technology adoption by LATICRETE supports a commitment to customer service in providing the added convenience of locating timely information on LATICRETE products when customers need it most. LATICRETE customers will be quickly directed to a host of information including technical specifications for installing tile and stone with LATICRETE materials.


People expect a feedback in a two-way medium such as SMS. They will lose interest quickly in a non-responsive service.



Above is a great ad that Trident gum has put out. As you can see they have placed a custom Tag in the lower left region of the ad. This takes any user who "snaps" the tag with their tag reader to the Trident Gum Twitter Feed.



At the 2009 XGames General Mills used a Tag on a Totino’s Pizza flyer so that event attendees could retrieve a daily schedule of where their sponsored skier, Dany Kass. (this is the screenshot of the mobile site)



Using personal details about the customer in your interaction and remembering their preference eases them into the interactive medium. Referring to the customers by name and remembering where they have been before are just two ways of achieving this.



When the Microsoft Tag is snapped it drives the user to a web based form which captures their name and contact number. The relevant service calls the awaiting user back and makes arrangements for their specific needs. “We are particularly excited by this technology as it will provide a new way to engage the patients, and in particular will allow them to engage the service whilst the enthusiasm is still there – this is particularly important for smokers who want to quit whose motivation can change quickly.” stated John Uttley from Shoothill.



it is important to link the brand with the campaign to gain the most impact. If the customer is to return to the return to the brand or return to the product, you want them to remember as much as possible about the campaign.



With traditional 2D barcodes, you have to accept the industrial look of the code on your materials. With Microsoft Custom Tags the code can be integrated into the look and form of the messaging itself. The MS Tag is shown on the left, compared to a traditional QR-Code on the right.



Just recently Microsoft Tag went international and today Procter & Gamble Turkey is launching an innovative contest, “Snap and Get Rid of Dandruff”, using Microsoft Tag technology. Throughout the month of June, mobile users in Turkey who snap the Head & Shoulders Tag will be directed to a contest page where they can enter to win special prizes. They can also connect to Head & Shoulders web site to learn more about hair and scalp care, read tips from hair care specialists, and find products best suited for their personal needs.



MS Tag used in Trident Gum’s campaign.



Like all interactive campaigns, the customer need to have a reason to participate. Discounts, prizes, and special offers are all useful tools to boost the value for the customer to continue participation.



Snap the custom Tag and it will take you to a mobile site where you can grab the “secret word” and head off to one of the nearest Yum-Yum’s near you.



On April 26th General Mills placed a Tag in a region’s newspaper free standing insert so that consumers could download a food coupon and receive recipes on their phones


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