Goodbye to blogging in ink–a requiem to my tablet PC

touchsmart-tx2zI have always believed that computing should be more human. This is why I have chosen to be in the smart devices industry rather than enterprise computing. I never believed that keyboards, whether physical or virtual, is a natural way for humans to communicate and is just an artifact of the age of typewriters. I have always believed in Bill Gates’ tablet PC concept, which is why I use a tablet PC. But that has ended.

When I was away on a business trip, my current tablet (an out-of-warranty HP TouchSmart TX2z) died on me just before I was done giving a training session. I didn’t really worry much because I have been saving for a replacement since the tablet was already out of warranty. But much to my disappointment, there were no available Windows tablets with pens that are available in the local stores (I was eyeing the HP TouchSmart TM2). I then heard of the Asus Eee Slate EP121. But there was no word if this will be released locally, and I even tried buying online at Amazon, but it was out of stock.


I was able to find a local seller of ThinkPad X201 Tablet PC, but at P100k, I cant afford it. So in the end, I settled for a plain vanilla laptop that is reliable enough under budget and has a three year regional warranty. I got a ThinkPad X201i.


Don’t get me wrong. This is the best Windows laptop I’ve ever owned, yet (ill write a review of it later on). But ive lost some very important things by not using a tablet.

First would be searchable, index-able written notes with OneNote.


next would be mind mapping. This one hurts the most, as mind mapping should always be done written to facilitate optimal brainstorming and creative thinking. With a tablet PC, I was able to have the efficiency of “paper-based” mind mapping with the power of the PC to automatically link items to Outlook tasks, email, contacts and calendar items, and have the power to make quick & dirty, MS Project exportable, GANTT charts with resource metrics.


and most of all: blogging.

I am a person that is not good with words, but I can say that writing in ink can make one expressive and feel in the same level as the bohemian romantic writers.


it was fun while it lasted. But now I need to buy a few more things to at least make up for what I lost. Which would it be?

mm7710-l-pocket-classic-moleskine-ruled-notebook or apple-ipad2_1


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